How does freedom of press make life better?


just some ideas,
and what are some things that we can do in america that are simple things involving freedom of press but you cant do in other countries or you’ll be punished.
THANXXXXXXX soooo much (




Oh No You Don't Girlfriend

Freedom of press applies to no government intervention or control.

The crap part about it, is that it turns into a liberal love-fest and becomes nothing more than biased liberal opinions instead of objective reporting.


Years ago, the press was unbiased and really helped the people know the truth and the whole story with the facts. That allowed the people to make good logical decisions. That is the reason for a free press. What we have today is the main stream media (CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MS-NBC, etc.) have all been taken over by liberals and their reporting is biased and nothing but propaganda for Democrats.


Yes – then sleazy Billionaires can buy it up and herd stupid people around like geese with their right wing lies.

Ah…. freedom.

The definition of a printer in the US as it started out was “anybody who owns a printing press”. In other words, this was THE most radical idea that had ever been put forward. In all the world the press was strictly controlled by kings and princes. But here if you owned a printing press, you were a “printer” – and you could print anything. It was a huge breath of clean air for the world back in the last 1700′s – and it’s been copied all over the world since. It was like the best idea that ever happened.

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