Montessori Singapore Proves That Not All Schools Are Boring

When you look at a school, most people see the source of their boredom as children. It no longer has to be that way with the Montessori Singapore method. With this amazing method of teaching children, they won’t have to deal with boring classroom work in order to learn the preschool curriculum.

In preschool, the focus should be on learning simple things. This includes counting and saying their letters. In a typical classroom, they may struggle to focus, preferring to play instead. The Montessori method combines learning and fun in order to help your child learn the best they can.

We Encourage Learning through Games

For young children, attention spans may not be enough for them in a typical classroom setting. Games can be a substantial source of learning for young children, as they will grab and hold their attention.

With the Montessori method, we achieve learning through games that kids want to play. This helps your child to feel as though they are playing and having fun, rather than being told to sit down and learn. In short, it can take the difficult subjects that are hard to focus on and turn them into something exciting.

Real-World Tasks

The Montessori way turns all situations into an opportunity to learn. We will teach them the basic skills and work alongside you to encourage them to use their newfound skills at home. The trick is to understand that no matter the age of your child, there are real-world things that they can do to learn a little each day.

It is also something that we can show them in the classroom, and you can further encourage them at home. For instance, playing a game of store shopping can give them more of a concept about math, social interaction, and more. When you are cooking dinner, you can show them to measure ingredients, building off the same skills that they are using in the classroom. You can encourage them to plant a flower with your help and then allow them to take care of it as it grows.

Why Choose Montessori Learning?

In our Montessori Singapore classrooms, preschoolers will thrive in all areas of their studies. The rules that they must follow are simple enough that it allows them to learn at their own pace. Your involvement in their studies will further encourage their success, and we will work alongside you throughout every part of their time in our classrooms to further encourage kids to see that learning can be fun.

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