If I am convering a public event at a venue, am able to post my coverage of the event with the location and the name of the venue that hosted it? Is this considered freedom of press?


just some ideas,
and what are some things that we can do in america that are simple things involving freedom of press but you cant do in other countries or you’ll be punished.
THANXXXXXXX soooo much


Just wondering, but wouldn’t taking pictures of someone without permission be invasion of privacy? Like the paparazzi. But wouldn’t freedom of press/speech come into this too?


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I am writing an essay and i have to include in one of my body paragraphs the importance of the freedom of press to the watergate scandal. if you could give me some pointers, facts, or anything else, that would be fantastic. thank you very much. :)


Ok so I have this project due on wednesday and am having a little problem finding some of the rights for freedom of press. I covered the religious views of both of them anything else I missed? Please help me!!